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Casey 'Coon's Photo Gallery #1

This is my FAVORITE page! Pics of HANDSOME ME!
As you can see I spend a LOT of time at the puter doin' this!
I am just starting on this page. I will be adding LOTS more photos to the gallery :o)

Mom says she needs a better camera, but we put these in anyway, 'cause I LIKE them!

She put THIS music in... "The Wabash Cannonball"
SHE says it's appropriate, but... ummm... Wasn't that a FREIGHT TRAIN?

Are you SURE it's time to get up??
It seems WAY too early to me!

OKAY..... OKAY!! I'm up already!
Is it time to clean house?

If only I had a chair,
I could do the dishes for mom!
I wouldn't break very many....

Cupboards.... I LOVE cupboards!
Wonder if mom wants me to "clean" them for her?

Come on IN here! "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!"

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