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Casey 'Coon's "Web Friends"

Mom says I jump all over the web makin' friends, so we settled on..
"Tie Me Kangaroo Down" for the music!
(Moms are funny creatures!)
Anyway, since I've been scootin' around on the web, I HAVE met some really special FRIENDS!
I have listed the links to their pages here....
Mostly 'Coons of course! :o)

First is Remo William 'Coon.
He is a raccoon spokesesman, and really knows a LOT!
If you ever thought of getting a coonie-pet, you need to read Remo's pages.
Lots of pics here, too!

Read it ALL in "Remo William Coon's Info-pages"

This is a FANTASTC coonie website!!!!
The story of Rikki's life!
Many photos of Rikki and all his family and friends, too!

Come & meet "Rikki Moses Raccoon"

This is ANOTHER coonie website!!!!
These characters are known as "The TERRIBLE twosome!"
More mischief than you can IMAGINE!
We're talkin' DOUBLE TROUBLE!
They aren't called TNT for nothin' ya know!

Wait til ya meet Tina & Tobey!!

Now I'd like you to meet ny "adopted" SISTER!

This is Holley Beth... She lives FAR away from me,
but we have "adopted" each other 'cause we are both
She doesn't have a website... yet...
'cause her mom won't let her use the puter.

Some pretty cool stuff, huh?
NOW you can go back to MY pages if you want to! :o)  

Come on IN here! "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY"

Don't miss "MY PHOTO GALLERY #1"

Also check out "MY PHOTO GALLERY #2"


Now I have THIS one! "MY PHOTO GALLERY #4"

Come & meet "My Brother & Sister (NOT!)"

Here's my REAL brother (ugh) "Alexander the Great"

This is "My Pal (YUK!)"

She's TAKIN' OVER! "Roxie's Page"

Here's all the BABIES! "THE BABY PAGE"


Please come back soon and visit me.